If there is one sport which teaches us to aim for the goals with utmost determination – it is archery. From the ancient times to today, archery has been known as the sport which brings attention, concentration and determination in the mind of the player with only one aim and that is their victory!
Archery is an Olympic game which was historically practiced by almost all the countries. In the ancient times, archery was a means 
to hunting, fighting with the rivals and also to protect oneself from danger. Today Archery is viewed as a form of art and sport making it a big name in the Olympics too. Shiksha Valley School strives to provide for every means which can bring out the sportsperson in their students and bring out the talent in them. By dedicating a special place for practicing archery, hunting bow and arrows along with a coach to teach the students this mighty art – the school promises to bring out the best in the students!
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