Pre-Primary Classrooms (Nursery & KG)

The pre-primary classrooms consisting of the classes Nursery and Kindergarten are specially equipped with amenities which are kids-friendly. These classes are designed with a little inspiration from the cartoons and jungle books to make it lively for the little scholars to find the classroom interesting. The classrooms are designed with child-friendly furniture like the colourful detachable chairs and tables which are easy to use and harmless for the children.

The arrangement of the classrooms is such that children are able to interact with each other while learning and have a variety of new things to see around in the classroom. With smart boards having newest of digital content on them the learning gets easier and interesting.


Primary (Class I - IV) and Middle School (Class V - VII)  Classrooms

The primary and Middle School Classrooms which pertain to classes I to VII are designed with special amenities keeping in mind the objective of creating an age-appropriate environment. The ergonomic furniture chosen are designed as such to provide ample space for the children to comfortably lounge and learn while keeping their belongings safe and well-arranged.

The classrooms are perfect for children to spend their time together and learn through the school hours. For optimum learning the classrooms are equipped with smart boards, planners, individual lockers, etc. Need of each child is taken care of to ensure their safe-keeping, physical comfort while attending the classes and a peaceful state of mind to grasp the learning.

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