Amitava Bandyopadhyay


Mr.Amitava Bandyopadhyay has over 32 years of experience in the education sector with schools across India. In his words, “We are at an angling degree in education, and I believe that Shiksha Valley School will be able to orchestrate a creation of learning where conception and creativity will bloom”.  The credential of  Mr. Bandyopadhyay includes, a Master Degree in Applied Mathematics and a Degree in Education from the University of Calcutta, and a management style that seeks to combine contemporary and traditional approach to education.

He has undergone a special A-Level teachers’ training program at the University of Cambridge and a training conducted by the International Baccalaureate, UK. His international connect with IB is long since 2013, where he is currently associated as a Examiner for Mathematics at the Diploma Level as a freelancer.

He has a passion for Music, travelling, and photography


We are living in the 21st century and the role of education has radically changed over the years. The scope and focus of education has evolved and so has the role of an educator. While it may seem apparent that the role of an educator has been relegated to the sidelines, contrary to popular perception, it has become even more crucial as a voice of reason and objectivity in this fast changing socio-economic landscape. As Moore’s law hypothesis, while technology and its paraphernalia will keep evolving and maturing every 18 odd months, the wisdom and perspective that an educator brings to the table will continue to strengthen over time and growing with each passing day. Today, the schools need to be effective at engaging learners towards meaningful construction of knowledge and encourage them through appropriate integration of technology to apply learning into action and relevant outcome. While technology would do its bit, teachers as facilitators add the desired human touch and provide opportunities to the students to develop critical thinking skills and engender values that help them become responsible learners.

I marvel at how wisely my predecessors had worked to give the right momentum to this great institution. Since its inception, the school has been able to build on the steady foundation of good values and the urge to excel. The endeavor has always been to balance excellence in academics with creativity and compassion. The objective of education has metamorphosed with the passage of time and the need for the globe. At Shiksha Valley we prefer to create situations where a child challenges his own ability, hence becomes his own competitor and thus keeps improving and rediscovering himself.

It is the transformation of a school into an educational powerhouse that induces strength within each student to stand on his own. It becomes a source of light that illuminates the mind and soul of the students and spreads the fire of excellence and the warmth of compassion to the darkest crevices of humanity.

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