As the Shiksha Valley School is located away from the rush of the city amidst lush green gardens and paddy field, the transport services to and from the school is extended to its best. The students and parents can take help of the school transport services or even ply their own vehicles for reaching to the school campus.

School bus for students

The school has dedicated  transport service which assists in pick and drop of students to and from the school campus daily. The daily commuters can take the route chart from the school desk and sign up for the school bus services accordingly.

Bus routes and fees

The school bus designated to pick up students from different areas around the school have designated paths of travel for each day. These bus routes don’t change frequently and thus students can choose the nearest stop for their preference. A Student’s Bus ID is provided with the respective Bus number of their travel to ensure their safe travel identity. The fee structure for the school bus service available on school website. The fees for plying the service are to be paid quarterly.

Safety Guidelines for students travel

The bus transport service provided by the school is quality and safety checked by school for complete safety of the students. The buses do not promote regular passengers into the bus, historical check of the identities of the bus drivers and conductors and provides lady marshall inside the bus when traveling to ensure that students are taken care of until they reach to their parents. 

Transport Deactivation Form

The parents can anytime choose to discontinue the bus transport service provided by the school by filling in a simple form. This can be downloaded from the official website of the school or from the school desk.

Parent’s commute to the school

The school does not recognize any mode of travel for the parents to reach out to the school. The parents, guardians, visitors are therefore urged to ply with their private vehicles to reach out to the school campus.

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