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Smt Nitu Agarwal is an Advocate, a renowned woman, a homemaker and a visionary. Her ideologies and understanding the needs of children will bring a positive impact in building up the environment for education.

Smt. Nitu Agarwal has been into management of organizational ventures while excelling with great results in her field.

She is the driving force to her husband, Shri Basant Kumar Agarwalla, towards venturing of Shiksha Valley School.

Shiksha Valley School marks as a shift in the educational system and thus needs a lot of caring hands to bring up an environment which proves to be fulfilling the requirements of digital-era children. Her involvement will surely usher in ease to implement ultra-modern amenities, raising a nurturing environment as well as smiles on to the face of learning children.


Message from the Joint Managing Director

Dear Parents and Students

“The best development of a child comes when their surroundings are cared for! It is of utmost importance to understand the need of the right development of each child and focus on their social, emotional and cognitive development, altogether at the same time.

It is not just the teachers but also the technology which plays an important role in the learning processes. With the smart balance of technology and personal touch, children can be given an earnest environment to learn and develop themselves into better individuals.

By making positive changes to the learning scenario and creating a healthy environment for the new generation learners, we have come together to set up Shiksha Valley School which shall serve as the partum for the development and success of the little scholars of this region. The thought underlying the objective is definitely not to load our children with baggage of books but to facilitate good learning and help them achieve the desired goals.

Our key aspiration is towards kindling the students of the school to work on the path of learning and building themselves for their better tomorrow. We aim to turn each learning child into an educated human being with a sound mind and ideas that shall amaze the world.

We welcome all to a new world of education which is educative, inspiring and exciting at the same time.

Welcome to Shiksha Valley School!”


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