House Competitions

Competitions bring out the best in you! Competitions make you work hard for the goals and go for an edgy track. 

For best outlining the competitive spirit in the students inside the school campus, the students of the school are divided into six houses namely Himalaya, Nilgiri, Patkai, Aravalli, Satpura and Vindhya.

Each house is lead by a Captain, a Vice Captain and a team of experts who help take the important decisions for the house. These houses organize competitions regularly inside the campus to best bring out the talent of the students, learn new skills and reward for the efforts student make. 

The school is also lead by a Head Boy, Head Girl and a team to support the activities undertaken inside the school.

The House Competitions are held throughout the year with winners adding points to their houses. Each year a house wins a trophy with certificates to the students who make the best of efforts in their field. The competitions held are: Basketball, March Past, Swimming, Cricket, Football, drawing, dancing etc. 

The house divisions and the house Masters/Mistress helps in teaching the students to function as a team and develop team spirit.

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