It indeed is important to lay the foundation of a child's education with care. It is the way in which the school is introduced to the child that makes their interest going and shapes up their future. At the Shiksha Valley School, emphasis is laid on the optimal development of each child by giving them a conducive environment. The Pre-Primary section has been designed with special additions that make for a combination of formal and informal education.

Keeping in mind that human beings are driven by psychological need of self-construction, the curriculum for the pre-primary toddlers are designed on models of early childhood development. Our lessons are comprised of indoor as well as outdoor learning which also include the talent teachings like singing, dancing, recitation, playing as a part of the learning methodology. To facilitate the growth seeking behavior of the children, the Pre-schools are designed with utmost care giving them a prepared environment where only age-appropriate materials are put up. This takes care of the child's mental and behavioral development according to their age.

Emphasis is also given on the development of Motor Skills through Manipulative Corner, Sketching/Scribbling etc.
Each child is involved in the learning of Large Motor Skills like Music & Movement, Monitored Games, Mass Drills etc to inculcate faster learning through group efforts. In the second year of Pre-schooling, children are made to hone their Fine Motor Skills like drawing, writing, pasting pictures, painting etc. The focus remains on the development of child's thinking, learning and promoting their range of skills.


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