Founder Co-Chairman


No great man is successful without his supporters and even greater men around them. Shri Hemanta Kumar Gogoi, is the proud son of Shri Pulin Chandra Gogoi and has been a part of all his father’s ventures.

Shri Gogoi has been an active face in the businesses carried out by his father and has established his name in the process. He has been keenly involved into sports, especially cricket. He was Director of Dibrugarh Cricket Academy and is currently Vice-President of Dibrugarh Cricket Coaching Centre.

His deceased wife, Trisha Gogoi, had played a vital role in conceptualizing the Shiksha Valley School Project.

Shiksha Valley School, under the Co-chairmanship of Hemanta Kumar Gogoi is aspiring to impart quality education with most modern infrastructure in this region which shall act as a gateway to the world of education.

Message from the Founder Co-Chairman

Dear Parents and Students

“Any idea of development passes through stages of many dimensions, decisions and alternatives to choose from. When it comes to developing an educational institution, it turns out to be a multifaceted affair and makes one take a new decision every day which is surfaced with multiple dimensions and alternatives. My entourage on the Shiksha Valley School was to help my father achieve his dream while making important decisions to favour the setting up one of the finest school of the region.

I had dreamt of riveting myself in a field where I could bring in a change and make way for the new generation and the youth for blissfully imparting of knowledge. A platform was thought of where the younger generation would be given all the modern infrastructure and facilities to hone them in skills and Education they desire. With the founding of Shiskha Valley School I find my dream come true!

A complete manifestation of a modern education system which promises great infrastructure, experienced faculty, modern facilities, ample opportunities and understanding for the future of the children from this region is the Shiksha Valley School. I believe that the institution will stand as a symbol of trust for the parents and children who have wished to reach out to better heights and dreamt of a futuristic learning environment. I am sure, the learning experience shall be aspiring and fulfilling.

I look forward to each child on board and their parents to be an active part of their children’s education. Together we shall excel and achieve bliss at Shiksha Valley School.”

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