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Shri Pulin Chandra Gogoi is a prominent name in the Business Arena of Upper Assam.Being a part of various companies dedicated at the businesses like Tea, Hospital, Hotel etc. he has been a visionary man behind new ideas and their development.

He has been a role model to many and has inspired people to work for creating a better society. Shri Pulin Chandra Gogoi is the face behind many businesses in the Assam region which are running to their best to create a better lifestyle for people here.

Shiksha Valley School is a visionary entrepreneurship and aligns the spirit of his urge towards developing a better environment for children of this region. His aim through Shiksha Valley School is to provide for a caring, loving and happy learning environment which serves as a path to making them responsible citizens.

The school has been under his guidance and he has been actively taking part in its activities to make Shiksha Valley School one of the renowned schools for quality education in Assam. The school outlines his dream and gives a transformational education system for the children for them to be able to rise and shine in the world!

Message from the Founder Managing Director

Dear Parents and Students

I believe that it is good education that instills in us a positive mind and character to build a better society. It is education that makes a child ready for the world and introduces a better tomorrow. A tomorrow that we all have dreamt of! I had always dreamt of building a school which lays focus on quality education and sheer excellence in nurturing the creativity of our children.

I dreamt of a place where every child felt like spending more time and learning something new each day. I had dreamt that the school I built would cover lush green gardens, beautiful environment and perfect space for the children to develop their ideas and put them to work. I had dreamt of a school which gave an opportunity for all round development of our children.

It took time, almost half a century, but it fills me with happiness to finally see my dream come true to life in front of me. And now the school stands tall with all its facilities for the children to come and nurture their thoughts and aspirations. I am indeed glad that I could offer the new generation a place where they can accomplish their dreams and pursue them with enthusiasm! I wish to provide them with education that makes them responsible citizens and brighten their lives!

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