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Library: The in-exhaustible Resource Centre


A School Library is like the bank of knowledge for the students. With a set of books to continuously learn from and a bunch of teachers to guide them through the process there is also a need to learn new subjects and topics of their interest. And therefore a library acts as a resource centre to make for a significant part of the learning experience to the students.

Shiksha Valley School is equipped with two Libraries—the Junior Library for the junior boys & Girls and the Senior Library for the seniors.

Both these libraries cater vast collection of books, journals, magazines, publishing and historical books which serve as a knowledge base for the seeking students. The center is completely computerized to facilitate faster search references and picking up the choice instantly. The centres shall remain open for the students throughout the school hours along with special periods dedicated for advanced learning.

For understanding the curriculum of the students and to promote the spirit of learning the senior Library is equipped with a large stock of reference books pertaining to different subjects for the students of higher classes. The stock also consists novels, story books, journals, magazines, newspapers, old guide-books, encyclopedia etc.

Apart from these, children can go through hundreds of e-books available in the School server through computers available in the library. 

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