Founder Chairman


The Founder Chairman of Shiksha Valley School, Shri Basant Kumar Agarwalla is a distinguished personality in his field. Having practiced as a Chartered Accountant for 22 years in his life, he stands as an ideal man with discipline, dedication and vision to be the face of the School.

Shri Basant Kumar Agarwalla has established his name in his profession with excellence. He stands as a brand for his immaculate planning and distinct choices which marks as great attributes for setting up an educational institution. His commitment and dedication towards a better and knowledgeable society as well as hard work at proving excellence makes him to be the best each day. These qualities and his visionary approach drove him to establish the very niche of the Shiksha Valley School.

With the founding of Shiksha Valley School, Shri Basant Kumar Agarwalla aspires to bring a fostering movement to the education sector. The school stands as a collective force to reckon knowledge that surpasses boundaries and reaches out to children of all ages, societies and races. He wishes to bring in learning and skill development beyond the normal classroom teachings by giving the students an environment which worships knowledge at every forefront.

With Shiksha Valley School, his long cherished dream of an institution for knowledge which acts as a blend of all colours of human values has been shaping up into reality. This quality education hub under the guidance of Shri Basant Kumar Agarwalla stands as a perfect place to gather knowledge and learning from people who know the best for the new generation!


Message from the Founder Chairman

Dear Parents and Students

“Promises instill in us a sense of dignity when we keep them. And so is the case with the commitment of words and making them come true.

I had always been inclined towards the thought that this part of the country and the people here have been missing out a lot as compared to the world. When I look at the children here, I could see how they are not exposed to the world like children from other regions. I thought they deserve all the scope and Opportunities like other children.

The question kept on coming to me in different forms and I would often find myself finding out ways to know-how to impart these children with first-class knowledge, how to set up an educational institution which opens for them the door to connect to the world and develop by every means! And the answer was found when I happened to meet Mr. Pulin Chandra Gogoi.

It was after joining hands with Mr. Pulin Chandra Gogoi that we came up with one of the best infrastructures and Learning Centre in less than half a decade. We have been able to make a place where children from this region shall be able to shape their future the way they desire and make their dreams come true. We ensured that the facilities at the school were such that would leave everyone complacent and ecstatic.

I invite the parents to the campus, and know for themselves, that it may take time but their children shall go through transformation by way of knowledge to achieve their dreams. Like the “slow and steady wins the race” the little scholars shall shape their future one day at a time. And when the goal is so inviting, why not score it with zeal, zest and enthusiasm!

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