Maths Lab

Mathematics or Maths (as commonly said) is one of the toughest subjects as is commonly perceived by most of the children. The Maths Lab has been designed to help the children acquire a better grasp of the subject by coming into terms with it.
Maths is a practical subject but is often mistaken to be studied theoretically. The non-understanding of the concepts and formulae—that guide the study of Maths makes the children afraid of studying it and as a result fail at working on it too. With the Maths
Lab assignments the students are encouraged to learn Mathematics practically and in a fun-way to bring their interest as well as get into terms with its concept.

In Maths Lab there are specific curriculum kits and the students are made to exercise on them! It helps them understand the concept of numbers, formulae, interconnections and more to best capture the vast world of Mathematics.

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