Badminton is a big Olympic Sport played in singles and doubles with racquet and a shuttlecock. Casually the sport is played in any form of ground or even in a yard or a beach, but professionally Badminton requires a rectangular court with a net in the middle to have a distinguished game.

Badminton game was developed in British India and is popular today across the world. It requires the players to have good agility,
speed, stamina, and strength. Badminton is high on energy game and thus a perfect sport to choose when one wants to play something indoors but have a check on the fitness too. Therefore, Shiksha Valley School recognizes the sport as an essential part of their curriculum by promoting its play not only in school but also with competitions across different schools and tournaments held all round the year.

The school hosts a badminton court for professional playing of the sport and also lets the students practice in the open ground for preaching their hobby.

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