Junior Play Area

Kids require good care and love in their growing years. Therefore, the toys they use, the games they play and even the environment they stay in is required to be very colourful, full of life and healthy for the kids. Shiksha Valley School takes pride in hosting a completely cared environment for the kids to play in their growing years.

The junior play area at Shiksha Valley School has been specially designed keeping in mind the playful nature of the kids. The games, slides, puzzles, pictures etc are all  depictory of what the students learn at school but with a playful touch. The furniture is carefully crafted so that students aren’t hurt while adding a touch of colours and fun to them. With a world class plat centre which is made with handpicked equipments of highest standards in safety and quality – the kids are made to play in a zone which is most relevant to their innocent selves.

As the kids of different age have different gaming requirements, the Junior Play area is smartly divided into different zones i.e. the Toddlers zones and the Junior zones to make it most enjoyable for them.  With themes like Jungle book, monkeys, wonderland and more, we at Shiksha Valley School try to nurture the best in the kids for their learning while playing!

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"Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall. ~ Larry Wilde "