Horse Riding


Each sport has something to mould the character, something to make one learn and cherish in life. Horse riding in a way is a sport for the races and tournaments but for people who really enjoy riding a horse – it is a therapy. Riding a horse is not just about a skill but about travelling, exploring, connecting with nature, learning to be emotionally controlled. It is the finer lesson of life which is embarked by the way of only some chosen sports and so Shiksha Valley School believes in offering the best of everything from this world.
Horse riding makes one self-reliant, teaches us trust and makes us strong and tactical. It is when a student is made to climb the saddle and sit on a horse the coachers teach them to overcome fear and connect with animals and trust them. It is in the lessons given at the horse riding courses that students learn to mingle with animals, explore themselves and become strong to actually ride the horse.
In the ancient times horses were used to travel but today it is only left to enjoy as a sport. Shiksha Valley School promotes in making the student learn every form of art that connects them to history!
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