Football Ground


At Shiksha Valley School, we lay importance to every form of sports to best bring out the character in a child. Football being one of the most celebrated sports around the world has huge potential to build up the stamina of the child.
Football is an active sport which makes the child fit for any activity as well as teaches them the insights of winning. Football makes one learn to strategize and plan the moves, take charge of the situations as well as bring out the best by being a team player. It 
is through the help of sports that we try to inculcate learning spirit and team work in the students. With professional coaches to guide the students, practice sessions, tournaments etc. We plan to make the students choose the sport and learn it well for their future.
Shiksha Valley School has a huge Football Ground where the arrangements for professional football games have been made to best ensure that students are 
given world class facilities of learning the sport!
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