Co-Curricular Activities

One of the most important goals of Shiksha Valley School is to provide for all round development of the children. The Learning process at the school extends beyond the classroom making space for co-curricular activities, book clubs, social interactions etc. 

Co-curricular activities at Shiksha Valley School is held for the best development of students mentally, physically, emotionally and socially by providing them new horizons to learn and chase knowledge. Through activities like indoor and outdoor games, drama, dance, arts, etc., we aim to generate interest towards arts which provides energy for counter balancing tasks as well as express the special hidden talents in them. These activities include literary indulgence, sports & games, Performing Arts, specialized groups and clubs etc. 

The students are made to undergo these activities during special activity timings which are a part of the school’s routine. The interest and ability of the students is kept in mind while enrolling them into the activities so that each student chooses to do what they like doing. Giving a balance to their studies and entertainment, the school manifests to bring maximum smartness and development in a child!

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