Martial Arts

Self Defense is an art of defending oneself from potential harm. Each one of us needs to learn some self-defense tactic to save us at all times. Therefore, Martial Arts act as a measure of skill which is one of the key activities instills by the Shiksha Valley School.
Martial art traditionally is a combat practice learning which helps in fighting against times when need to protect yourself. As a measure of military training, self- defense mechanism or even spiritual development, learning this art has become very important in today’s time.
Shiksha Valley School believes that to best care about ourselves and protects us and our family, we must know a form of art which acts as our shield. Martial arts teach us such tactics and movements where we can beat the opponent and succeed in saving ourselves in danger times. With the help of professionals who have won acclamations in this field, we try to develop the skills, in each child for their safety and security.




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