Judo & Karate

Martial Arts bring out the physical, mental and moral agility of the children into the field. It makes a person strong, defensive and smart. Therefore, Shiksha Valley School offers the students to learn not only the traditional martial arts from India but globally!
Judo is a modern martial art which was traditionally practiced as a gentle way of defense. Working the physical, mental and moral agility for best moves of defense, today the art has established itself as a sport. Being a part of Olympic and involving special training, Judo instills in students the ability to take down the opponent and thus make them able to fight with situations and people in times of need.
Karate on the other hand is a traditional martial art from China with striking as the base. It involves punching, kicking, elbow strikes and knee strikes as its mechanism to strategize winning over the opponent. 
Shiksha Valley School has made special arrangements for Judo & Karate learning in the school with well qualified trainers so that students can best learn self-defense which includes alertness of mind, physical strength and ability to understand the opponents’ move which in a new form of art!.
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