Yoga & Meditation


Yoga is about connecting to your soul and attaining peace within. Yoga has answered to most of your health and well being and makes you rejoice you’re self-being. Yoga and Meditation play a very important part in balancing life. Students are always on an urge to score good marks, earn a medal and finish the homework and be the best. So, Shiksha Valley School believes in attaining peace within and having a balance among the children through yoga and meditation.
The Yoga & Meditation arena in the school is specially designed for students to practice yoga and learn meditation. The school provides Yoga experts and meditation coaches who make the student learn the art with perfection. This helps in making the students aware of themselves, attain confidence, happiness within and also generate energy which works best for them.
As today’s time is all about competitions and races, students are seen getting depressed with their efforts and results. This is the time when they need motivation and positive thoughts in their mind. Through Yoga & Meditation we aim to eradicate stress, tension and worries out of our student’s mind and make them have a peaceful and positive life! On the other hand, Yoga keeps them fit too!
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"Pretty much all the honest truth-telling there is in the world is done by children.~ Oliver Wendell Holmes "